Individuals Under 65

A good choice for those under age 65 with pre-existing conditions, high prescription costs, or those who qualify for Tax Credits/Subsidies.
A lower cost option for those under 65 that do not need pre-existing condition or Prescription coverage, do not qualify for subsidies, or only need coverage for a short time. (These plans are medically Underwritten.) Currently, plans can be as short as one months or over two years. These plans participate in PPO networks, can be next day effective, and you have choice of deductibles and copays.
Faith based plan organization that shares resources among the members. This is a lower cost option to meet the needs of many people looking for a PPO network and lower monthly premium. The plans can be next day effective, have doctor visits with copays, and cover pre-existing conditions after a wait period, and include prescription discounts.

Employer Group

For small companies wishing to provide coverage to their employees, or for entrepreneurs looking for health coverage. The definition of small group is 2 to 50 employees. To classify as a group, you must have at least one owner and one W2 employee, or two or more owners. Coverage can include major health, supplements like dental & vision, and life insurance.


Medicare is for those who are turning 65, those 65 or older with a Special Enrollment Period (ex. coming off group insurance), or those who have been entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits for at least 24 months, or for those who meet other disability requirements and conditions.


Supplements include, but are not limited to: Vision, Dental, Telemedicine, Critical Illness and Cancer Policies, Accident coverage, Hospitalization, Short Term Disability, and more!

Life Insurance

If you have people you love and support that rely on your source of income, then you need life insurance. There are many options available to suit your needs and budget.


Temporary coverage for medical expenses & emergency evacuations when traveling outside of your home country. This type of coverage is needed for people going on vacation, a student going abroad, business travelers, and more.
International Health Insurance
Annually renewable coverage for expats and global citizens living or working internationally for more than one year.